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Well this was supposed to be a 30 min minimix but i guess I got carried away.  I’m fortunate to get sent a lot of awesome music from a variety of differnt producers and labels but sadly, I don’t get a chance to play out a lot of the moodier, more soulful side of dubstep.  This isn’t really representative of my live sets, it’s just me at home having some fun with good music, both old and new.  Thanks for listening.

- NN6

Synkro - Good Lovin [forthcoming Smokin Sessions]
Lewis B - Rhodesalicous [forthcoming Smokin Sessions]
NumberNin6 vs HXDB - Introspection [dub]
DJ Riot - Mermaid Dub [Faster Music]
NumberNin6 - Sarangi [dub]
Rob Sparx vs Cocoa Tea - Soundbwoy [white]
Kromestar - Trust [Dub Philosophy]
J:Kenzo - Counteraction [Argon]
Bro Safari - Amazon Rock [Deceast Recordings]
unknown - untitled [WAR]
Taal Mala - Magnetic North [dub]
HXDB - New Sense [dub]
NumberNin6 - Lucid [dub]
Tom Encore - Someone Like You [dub]
Marchmellow - Coral Reefa [dub]
Loetech - Websnapper [dub]
NumberNin6 - Combination Dub [dub]
12th planet - Baltimore Step [dub]
I.D. - Tell Ya [Sub Slayers]
Synrko - Connected [Z-Audio]
Lynx ft Kemo - Keep it Low (Seed Remix) [Detail]
Lowmax - Rivale (Bukez Finezt Remix) [forthcoming Biggerdubz]
NumberNin6 - She [Migration]
unknown - untitled [WAR]
NumberNin6 vs Jill Scott - Cross My Mind [dub]

Hey!! I’m super stoked to share an E/W NumberNin6 mix with you! Nishant’s a good friend of mine and one of my favorite producers. He is one of those rare dubstep artists that can create filthy, gnarly bass drops as well as beautiful, deep, melodies. Keep an eye out for Garbage and Hunt You Down, his upcoming releases off subHUMAN.

NumberNin6 // Garbage SAMPLE

NumberNin6 // Hunt You Down SAMPLE


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